Enjoy More Fun in the Sun

Enjoy More Fun in the Sun

We're here when you need pool repair services in Austin or Leander, TX

Is your pool leaking? Hi Tec Detection Pool Leak Service & Repairs can help you out by locating the leak and repairing it right away. We'll take care of any necessary pool repair services so you won't have to worry about pool water ruining your lawn.

Request pool repair services in the Austin and Leander, TX area today.

Test your drains to make sure they're working properly

If your pool is damaged, it can cause a lot of trouble throughout your property. We’ll conduct pool drain testing to determine whether your pool equipment is working the way it’s supposed to. If there’s something wrong, we can fix it immediately.

We’ll dive into your pool and check the suction on your drains to make sure they’re working properly. If we find a problem, we can:

  • Repair or replace damaged pipes
  • Fix fittings and manifolds
  • Change out valves as needed

Sign up for pool drain testing in Leander, TX today.

Address your faulty pool equipment quickly

At Hi Tec Detection Pool Leak Service & Repairs, we understand that it's easy to forget about your pool equipment when everything is running smoothly. However, a faulty pool pump or filter can lead to poor water quality, making a pool unsafe to swim in. Worn-out or faulty equipment can lead to...

  • Costly energy bills
  • Safety concerns
  • Health hazards

Luckily, we have the pool repair services you need in the Leander, TX area. We'll address your concerns quickly and accurately. We also encourage you to take advantage of our pool drain testing services. Regular testing along with maintenance can put an end to issues before they become serious.